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Ordering Instructions

1. Information on the following will be helpful:

   A. OEM part number.

   B. Motor name palte information

   C. Specify commutator or slip ring

   D. Current brush grade in use

   E. Performance problems

2. Identify brush sketch number 

3. Specify the dimensions of the brush as follows:

   Thickness X Width X Length

4. Indicate bevel angle, if any 

5. For slip ring brushes please indicate radius 

6. Specify type of  shunt connection Tamped or Riveted

7. Specify shunt length 

8. Specify if shunt is tin plated or bare and if insulated

9. Specify terminal style and opening size 

10. Indicate any special features such as pads, hammer clips, etc. 

11. Specify width of pad and in the case of a hammer plate give width and extended length


                Need help with troubleshooting and determining

                                    proper spring pressure?

            See the troubleshooting quide  and spring pressure chart .

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